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Real Estate Token develops new patterns for the real estate industry that allows convenient and global distribution of properties from any country.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, U.S.A, July 22, 2017 / — The birth of RET, short for Real Estate Token, is a process of unceasing perfection. From the definition of the name, RET is the embodiment of the features and specialty of this industry. Such aptitude is mainly originated from the kernel technologies of RET. RET is a digital asset token based on ACChain a tool to digitalize assets. ACChain is a tool of asset digitalization and RET is a domestic settlement currency for digitalizing real estate assets.

There are two kinds of domestic settlement currencies according to the spatial dimension and the market dimension. Token, in the spatial dimension, mainly applies to a certain geographical range; for example in Quebec or the East Coast of the United States, matching settlement is conducted within the circulation area no matter what the industry is. The other is to conduct liquidation in a certain industry because of particular regulations and customs of such industry. RET is mainly used in transaction exchange and settlement after the real estate asset digitalization.

Therefore, RET is not limited to a particular region. It has the attribute of exercising global real estates and relevant products and can realize the circulation in equal values between assets. RET possessors can exchange the token to real estate all around the world to achieve asset allocation.

The rising of RET has developed new patterns for the real estate industry. The acceleration of circulation speed promotes industrial standards and specifications to break from previous patterns. Standards for asset digitalization in real estate industry are presented based on the technology of blockchain. Achieving the execution of the contract is the historical mission for RET through introducing newly design intelligent contracts and taking the co-input between off-chain data and on-chain data as the triggering condition. From now on the field of digital currency will add concerns for the compliance of asset digitalization of the industry, thus to build new business models to the real estate industry.

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