Empowering For Tomorrow presents Christmas In October 2017

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NORTH MIAMI, FL – 11-15-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

Empowering for Tomorrow set out on a mission to bring some love and hope to the kids of Haiti this year which consisted of taking a trip to Cité Soleil, Haiti and teaming up with The Sanneh Foundation (Haitian Initiative) in hopes of bringing some hope and direction to the youth that is currently enrolled in their program.

Empowering for Tomorrow contracted Socially Loud to produce their first annual missions trip and make it the most impactful experience as possible. Founders of Empowering for Tomorrow Rosaire C. Olivier and Aglyau Olivier wanted to kick things off in their hometown Haiti. Sponsors such as Simon’s Sportswear, Rosaire Quality Care, Make Haiti Fresh, Haitian rapper Haitian Fresh and Socially Loud allowed EFT to gift over 300 students with great quality sneakers, t-shirts, toys and hygiene products.

One of the goals was to set up a computer lab for the kids that will help them learn coding and website development. 

Also, we knew the importance of staying in tune with what is going on around the world so we wanted to set them up with a lab that would do that says Randa Quraan founder of Socially Loud. 

Fourteen laptops were donated by Make Haiti Fresh Inc., and Rosaires Quality Care equipped with the latest software and virus protection to ensure they last as long as possible. 

For us we simply wanted to work with an organization locally that was already in place and working with the youth. Partnering with The Sannaeh Foundation allowed us to do more then we anticipated and we are looking forward to partnering and growing with them in the near future says Rosaire C. Olivier founder of Empowering for Tomorrow.

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