A New Video Game Publisher is Unleashed

LONDON – 11-14-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

110 Industries, a new London-based video game publisher, is about to bring gamers an excellent gaming experience and a business model that doesn’t turn their stomachs. The video game was once merely an entertainment object designed to appeal to the occasional user of a young age, but things have dramatically changed since the launch of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Adults are now the dominate portion of the market and, as with the explosion of mature TV content, many gamers thirst for similar experiences in gaming.

By this eighth generation of home consoles, most blockbuster video game publishing companies are turning to alternative revenue models that can hurt the experience and lock the end-game content behind a paywall. 110 Industries will avoid this siren song and instead build a business without compulsion loops designed to extract ongoing transactions from gamers hooked on the experience.  

Changing the Gaming World is a hard mission to accomplish alone, therefore 110 Industries is teaming up with the experts to assist in reaching their goals. The company has engaged Digital Development Management, a pre-eminent industry player DDM represents talented companies around the globe that design, build, support and market video games. Combining in-person relationships with unparalleled methodology, the team has secured hundreds of deals on behalf of indies, AAA development studios, production services companies and intellectual property licensors.

With cutting-edge technology, a strong artistic angle and story-driven design, 110 Industries products will embody the company’s entire philosophy. The world of fantasy fiction has always played an integral and inspirational role for the team behind 110 Industries. Modern fiction is constantly undergoing evolutionary changes with regards to traditional writing and character design, where standards are being challenged by new ideas, means and people with the goal of creating the ultimate entertainment product. It was only natural that 110 Industries would join forces with the best developers and visionaries to realize a lineup of video games reflecting this synergetic approach with the creation of three new intellectual properties to be unveiled at a future date.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: 110 Industries
Full Name: Jordan Kreiss
Email Address: Send Email
Website: 110industries.com

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