TMT LAB Announces Real Time Ad Synchronization Trial with Televisa in México

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TMT LAB Inc. announced today successful trials with TELEVISA S.A. de C.V (TELEVISA) synchronizing digital campaigns with TV commercials.

Spot Direct™ will become a standard premium value-added service provided by leading broadcasters worldwide”

— Rodrigo Madriz

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 24, 2017 / — TMT LAB Inc. announced today successful trials with TELEVISA S.A. de C.V (TELEVISA) synchronizing digital campaigns with TV commercials.

The solution being tested is a patent pending technology known as Spot Direct™ that automatically synchronizes advertisers’ digital campaigns with their TV spots. Spot Direct™ creates an immediate engagement or “click through” channel for their TV spots on any second screen (smartphone, tablet or laptop) without the need to download apps, or the privacy compromises of background audio/video content recognition.

TELEVISA (NYSE:TV), the leading media company in Mexico and in the Spanish speaking market worldwide, is seeking to provide value added services to its clients and is exploring the benefits of Spot Direct™.

Farid de la Peña, Director of Distribution and Digital Marketing for TELEVISA expressed: “Our interest is to explore solutions that will help our clients increase the impact of each peso invested on TV by offering the opportunity to synchronize and optimize their digital investments”.

Rodrigo Madriz, Co-Founder & CEO of TMT LAB added: “We are excited about TELEVISA’s commitment to test-drive the potential of Spot Direct™ within the context of the market in Mexico and to its partners worldwide. In our view, Spot Direct™ will become a standard value-added premium service provided by leading broadcasters worldwide.”

Spot Direct™ tests in Canada have demonstrated that advertisers can greatly optimize the execution of their digital campaigns by precisely coordinating them with the Prime-Time TV schedule – in real time. Using Spot Direct™ has yielded increases in engagement rates (e.g. Click Through Rates) by up to 10x vs. control campaigns with the same budgets, targets, etc. while reducing Cost per Clicks by up to 43% – all without necessarily impacting campaign reach.

As of today, Spot Direct™ has been integrated into digital inventories by Facebook, Twitter and DoubleClick. Later this year the firm will release a publisher API to allow third parties to take advantage of Spot Direct™.

TMT LAB Inc. is a Canadian based software firm that has been developing solutions that will allow leading broadcasters’ clients to benefit from the peak overlap between TV and digital audiences using second screens.

For further information: Rodrigo Madriz. [email protected] +1.416.939.4051

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