Both Japan And USA At Breaking Point Over North Korea After This Shocking Incident

The relation of Japanese and American came under strain after this shocking military accident.

According to information, a window of a US military helicopter fell onto a school sports field of Japan on Wednesday. This is latest in a series of accidents that have brewed safety concerns on the southern island of Okinawa Japan.

Because of this incident, a 10-year-old boy suffered a minor injury; however the exact cause was still unclear.

The window fell onto an elementary school ground where 50 children were studying. According to the reports the window was from a US CH-53E transport helicopter.

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Yoshihide Suga said on this “This kind of incident creates anxiety and creates the atmosphere of disturbance not only among those involved with the school but it is also associated with the people of Okinawa. This type of incident should never happen.”

Addressing a press conference Suga told, the Government has asked for the explanation from US Officials and would respond appropriately after getting their response to the incident.

However, the US Marines on Okinawa replied confirmed this incident and said the helicopter immediately returned which lead to this incident.

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