2 Men Crushed After Hurricane Harvey

Two men were crushed while lifting a house to higher foundation, after flooded by Hurricane Harvey. This incident happens at 11am in suburban Houston subdivision.

Roxana Lee family member of the homeowner said that the house gets collapsed when they were lifting the house and they were just trying to do good things after hurricane Harvey but bad happen with them.

A county spokeswoman said that there is no permission issued to raise the home, but it issued the permit in November for flood recovery to restore the home from pre-flood condition. Home elevation projects only permit through city’s structural inspection department and also said that they discourage the people to elevate home by yourself.

Homeowners raise the house just to prevent it from flood in future. Amanda Guthrie sister in law of one of the victims said that two were under the house and two were outside when the building get collapsed.

The house was made up of wood-frame in 1940 dropped onto two men and crushed them. The emergency numbers used air bags and hydraulic tool to lift the house from the men and get out their bodies. The identities have not revealed yet now.

The investigation is still going on.

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About the Author: Ari Roul