Woman Charged For Transporting People To The US Through Canadian Border

It is alarming to see that over 90% of the illegal border crossings in and out of Canada have taken place through the Quebec border. This time around a North Carolina woman has been charged for transporting a few people into the United States near the Quebec border. These people did not have permission to enter the US.

A complaint has been filed against these women at the Vermont federal court. The US border patrol got a call at around 2 a.m. on Sunday that 6 people were seen moving into the US on the Vermont road. They were spotted in the Highgate town which is the dead-end near the Canadian border.

The official spot to cross the U.S. border and enter into Canada is near Highgate. This route will take people to Saint-Armand and Philipsburg in Quebec. The agents later saw an SUV driven by 31-year-old Carmen Melari Ferrufino Perdomo, from North Carolina which carried the six people. She is a US citizen from Honduras.

There were six Mexican citizens seen inside the car between the age group of 21 to 54. They said that they had crossed the US border on Sunday late night. They were all arrested, but they did not have any immigration or criminal records.

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About the Author: Sidney Martin

Sidney Marin Is a researcher and law student at York University (TORONTO). He has worked as the Director of the Graduate Lawyering Program. He worked for American law firms in Moscow, Russia for three years. Hegraduated from Columbia Law School, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and Harvard College. He research interest is in human rights and health law, with a particular focus on the law and policy of vaccination.