Videos Of Quebec City Mosque Shooting Incident Shown In Courtroom

No one would have forgotten the fatal mosque shooting incident that occurred on 29th January 2017 in the Quebec City mosque. If at all the survivors and the widows of the victim had forgotten them, then they were reminded of the crime through the surveillance video of the incident in the Quebec City courtroom. Many had tears in their eyes and also worried look on your face after watching the video.

Alexandre Bissonnette was the man who pleaded guilty to these murders on March 28 and was awaiting his sentence from the judge in the courtroom. The video was submitted to the courtroom as an evidence of the gory crime that Alexandre committed on that evening. He had shot down six men.

The video showed all the things that unfolded that evening right from the shooter drawing a semi-automatic pistol outside the mosque to the moment he ran away from the shooting place.

The women whose husbands were shot dead decided to stay in the courtroom and watch the final moments of their husbands despite the judge asking them to move out of the courtroom for some time.

The footage shown in the courtroom was raw and this caused varied emotions among the people inside the courtroom.

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