Traffic Congestion May Worsen If Quebec Does Not Call Back Its Striking Engineers

The authorities in Quebec have called on their striking engineers to return for negotiations.

The Minister for transport, Andre Fortin, is afraid that a prolonged strike by the engineers will heighten traffic problems in Montreal and Quebec.

The problem this time is monitoring some structures at night.

Many of the structures that need more attention are those that were built a long time ago. Many of them have been there for more than 60 years, and the bad news is that they were not even taken care of by the past administrations.

According to Fortin, although 3,800 inspections have been done, there are still 39 of them left, and this includes 19 in Montreal.

If the inspections were done in the night, the problem might have been over now, but some of the engineers have refused to work in the night so as to gain more bonuses.

The engineers started negotiating with the government in 2014 until their contract expired in 2015.

Now, Pierre Arcand, who is the president of the Treasury Board, has revealed the government’s intention to call back the engineers to the round table, but he also added that the government may not be very patient this time.

Arcand said: “I’m really willing to negotiate very quickly on these matters but again, our patience is not unlimited.”

The engineers are under the Association Professionnelle des Ingenieurs du Gouvernment (APIGQ) so it is understandable how they have given the government a tough time for approximately 36 months.

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About the Author: Joe Mollen

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