Robot Nao Helps Children With Learning Difficulties

A humanoid robot named Nao in Quebec is helping the students with disorders like autism or learning difficulties. This robot is not like a teacher’s assistant. It held a news conference on its own in Montreal to go over its accomplishments in dealing with children with learning difficulty.

This year, Nao has visited many elementary and secondary schools in Quebec. This robot can see and hear with the help of inbuilt cameras, sensors, and microphones. Nao is driven by Artificial Intelligence. It is about 58 cm in height. This humanoid robot can recognize humans. It can answer questions spontaneously and also recognizes some human emotions. Prof. Thierry Karsenti of Université De Montréal, Canada Research Chair in Information Technology and education decided to use Nao to help students.

Prof. Thierry Karsenti said that just because Nao was there in their school they were fully engaged. The children were willing to come to school on even on bad days and they were willing to stay in school until 5 p.m. According to Karsenti, motivating the students to learn, engage, and to feel comfortable with interactive technology is the reason for bringing Nao to schools.

The children realized that they are able to control robots by spending time with a robot for one year at school and they will feel confident to become engineers and programmers in the future.

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About the Author: Geoff Serka

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