Quebec Superior Court Orders Investigate Journalist To Disclose Her News Informer

The Quebec Superior Court has asked Radio Canada’s investigative reporter Marie-Maude Denis to reveal the name of the person who had leaked information to her.

This was a ruling handed down by the court last Thursday asking Marie to identify the source who provided information about the conspiracy in awarding the public contracts.

Radio Canada has said that it will appeal against this decision of the court. The head of News and Current Affairs of Radio Canada, Michael Cormier, said that the ruling threatens the Right to Information of the public.

He also said that it is the right of the investigative journalism to protect its confidential sources. Denis said that it is the duty of the journalist to gather information from confidential people, and to inform the details to the general public, if it is of interest to them.

If there is no promise of confidentiality given to the news informers, then the journalist will not be able to do their jobs. If the details of the sources that are giving them information are revealed, then there will be no one trusting the journalists.

This new ruling has annulled the previous order made by a Quebec court judge Andre Perreault to throw out a request to call Denis and reporter Louis Lacroix for a trial of a fundraiser by an ex-Liberal.

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