Quebec Police Conducts Operation CIBLER

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Quebec police officers visited more than 75 licensed bars across the state as part of their anti-organized crime operation.

Surete du Quebec officers carried out operation CIBLER or Concertation Contrel’Intimidationdans les Bars Licencies avec L’Equipe de Reseignment in 11 different areas in Quebec. The operation was done with the cooperation of 8 different municipal police departments. The operation demonstrated the strength of Quebec police services.

CIBLER operation is aimed at preventing organized crimes and drug trafficking. With these visits, the police were able to gather needed information and make links with owners, customers, and staffs of bars. According to SQ, this move helped to increase the security inside such establishments for the customers and prevent potential drug trades and related criminal activities. No arrests were made during the action.

According to police sources, they were sending messages to the people involved in illegal activities. Louis-Philippe Bibeau, the spokesman for the SQ, informed that the operation was not intended to repress them, but to send the message that the police is there and they take such illegal activities seriously.  Police also said that they were at the place to assist the tenants in the establishments.

According to Mr. Bibeau, Operation CIBLER is a continuation of the Synergie operation conducted in November last year.

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