Quebec Man Suing Federal Government For Getting Extradited To Mexico

Régen Boily from Quebec was extradited to Mexico in 2007. He said that he has faced lots of hardships in the Mexico jail. He is not happy with the way his federal government treated him.

Boily spend 10 years of his life in the Mexico prison. He wants to know why he was extradited to Mexico and this is why he is suing the federal government.

Boily is now 74 years old. He has sued the federal government for $6 million for sending him the Mexico prison and for the tortures that he faced in the prison.

Boily is an ex-convict who is still having the nightmares about the experience he faced at the Mexico prison. He feels that some rats are eating him from the inside or that he is drowning. He often gets shaken from his sleep since he experienced the first torture in a Mexican prison on August 17, 2007.

Boily accepts that he has made some grave mistakes in his life. His first mistake was when he transported over 1,300 pounds of marijuana in his motorhome in 1998.

He was caught and arrested for drug trafficking and was sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. He escaped from the jail in 1999 and his escape attempt took the life of a prison guard. He now repents for the mistakes that he has committed in his life.

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