Quebec Finds Saving Woodland Caribou Is A Costly Affair


There is hardly very few woodland caribou is left in Quebec. The government has said that saving the herd of the endangered caribou that is left in Quebec is becoming too expensive. They say that the surviving chances for the caribou are very slim.

Luc Blanchette, the wildlife minister of Quebec province, said that protecting the remaining 18 caribous roaming in the south of Val-d’Or forests would cost them 76 million dollars for the next 50 years. The province will not be ready to invest such a huge amount for protecting the endangered Caribous.

There was an initial plan by the Quebec province to move the herd of Caribous left for the zoo in 2016. This move did not go well with the environmental groups as they feel that the animals will not survive in captivity.

The herd has been seeing a steady decrease from 80 in the 50s to just 18 now. The Minister feels that whatever efforts that are made to save the endangered species are going futile.

The environmental activists feel that providing more space for the logging industry and also building several roads in the forest to help the transportation of heavy machinery are some of the reasons why the caribou population is facing a standstill.

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About the Author: Joel Snyder