Newman Says Broncos Bus Crash Memories Still Fresh In His Mind

Hal Newman was 18 years old and a very young paramedic when he had to attend to the crash victims of the Broncos bus crash incident that took place in August 1978.

The brakes of the bus failed and it crashed into Lac Argent. There were several people with mental and physical disabilities traveling on the bus then. Newman felt that the rescue operation could be executed. But soon, he and his partners realized that it had to be converted into a recovery mission.

41 people in the bus and died only 7 were able to survive the fatal crash. They had to tow the bus for the waters with a few victims inside it. Newman is a retired man now, but he says that he has very clear memories of the incident that happened decades ago.

Newman said that all the memories of the Broncos incident resurfaced in his mind when he heard about the latest Humboldt Broncos bus crash.

He said that he was in touch with some of the first responders of this latest bus crash. He said that he was readily available to talk if they wanted to reach him on social media. He had asked his colleagues to hang out there.

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About the Author: Joel Snyder