New Brunswick Government Cancels Snow Plow Manufacturing Deal

The New Brunswick Government announced that they have canceled the contract with Quebec Company for manufacturing snow plow.

Roger Melanson, the transport minister, made the announcement of the cancellation of contract on Monday. There was news that $500,000 contract was awarded to Les Produits Métalliques AT Inc. However, leaked e-mail showed that the Craig Manufacturing from Hartland N.B has quoted just $16,000 more for the contract.

Melanson made it clear that the earlier contract was not a mistake, but they are looking to make improvements by reviewing the contract. He added that the review process is going on and the government is trying to focus on providing New Brunswick jobs. The copy of the tender shows that there is no need to provide the deal to the lowest bidder.

According to the contract, the province reserves the right to apply provincial preferences and consider local content in the evaluation of bids and to refuse the bids from vendors from other jurisdictions when the contract should be in the best interest of the province. André Tremblay, president of Les Produits Métalliques, said that it is not possible to cancel the contracts now as they have already started the production of the snow plow.

Tremblay said that the company lawyers will deal with the matter.

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