National Public Alert System Test Faces Glitch

Canada is testing a new nationwide public alert system. The new alert system for the mobile devices tested by the emergency management officials experienced a glitch in the Quebec province. The alerts test was a hit and miss in Ontario.

At 1.55 pm ET in Ontario, social media got flooded with messages from people who received signals from the test or people who hadn’t received the alert signal or people who were startled by the alert. Some social media users said that they forgot that the emergency alert test was for the mobile device. However, the number of people who did not receive the message in Ontario outnumbered the people who received it.

The alert message received by people read that it is a test by the Alert Ready System of Ontario and there is no danger to the health and safety of the person. In Quebec, the test did not go according to the plan. The problem was found to be between the Pelmorex Corp, which is operating the alert system and the Quebec emergency management.

According to Patricia Valladao of CRTC, the alerts were sent by the emergency management in the province, but the alerts were directed to Pelmorex instead of going to the people. Pelomorex explained that an incorrect spacing in the coding of the system caused the glitch.

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