National Assembly To Witness Debate In English

Quebec is getting ready for the first televised debate in English by provincial leaders. Leaders from all the major parties have given their consent to participate in the debate.  This televised debate will be the first in the history of Quebec.

The request for the debate by party leaders was put forward by the consortium of English language media in Quebec. CBC, CJAD, CTV, Global and Montreal Gazette are the part of this consortium. Jean-François Lisée feels that there is much to inform the Anglo people in Quebec on how they are treated by liberals and this is the reason why the leaders should have a debate in the English language.

Philippe Couillard said that he is very happy to participate in the debate. François Legault tweeted that he accepts the proposal with great pleasure. A similar request was made by a media consortium in 2014, but PQ leader Pauline Marois refused permission saying her English language skills were poor.

A radio-only English debate between PQ leader Pierre-Marc Johnson and Liberal leader Robert Bourassa happened in 1985. Managing Editor of CBC, Helen Evans is optimistic that debate will happen this time. CBC political analyst and veteran political watcher Bernard St-Laurent said that though political parties have agreed to the debate earlier, they have come up with excuses for not doing it. However, he hopes that debate will take place this time.

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