Murder In Saint-Léonard, Man Arrested

On Wednesday, a man in his forties was shot dead near the Parc Ladauversière, behind the school of the same name, in the borough of Saint-Léonard, in Montreal.

He was in the Rue de Lisieux, near the intersection of Paimpol Street, around 8:30 pm, when an occupant of a car passing by him fired in his direction. He was hit with several bullets at the top of his body, said the City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM), Manuel Couture.

The car then fled.

Without revealing the identity of the victim, the SPVM confirmed that the man was known to the police.

Several witnesses called 911 to report that shots had been fired, and police officers and an ambulance were dispatched.

When the police arrived at the scene, they located a 45-year-old man. The victim was lying on the ground and had several firearm projectiles.

 Manuel Couture, SPVM

The first respondents unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate the victim, who was transported to the hospital where her death was found.

Investigators of the SPVM’s Major Crimes Section undertook evening interviews with the many witnesses on the scene to determine the exact circumstances of the homicide. Agents were also on site to gather evidence within a broad security perimeter.

Many people were in the park at the time, as a soccer game was taking place there.

This is the 15 th  homicide committed in 2017 in Montreal.

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