Mom Charged In Stabbing 2-Year-Old Daughter

The Quebec police said that the two-year-old girl Rosalie Gagnon found from a garbage can, died in the hospital. The child had been stabbed.

The Police have charged the girl’s mother with violating probation, mischief, and obstructing the work of the police officer investigating the death of the infant. Though the city police had recommended charging Audrey Gagnon 23, for the murder, the Crown is yet to make the charge. The mother will be behind the bars till the next bail hearing on Wednesday.

Police started the investigation after they found an empty stroller in a park. The Quebec police have set up the command center and are searching for the weapon used for stabbing the girl. They used police dogs to comb the area where the little girl was found on Saturday. The SPVQ agent Cyndi Paré said that there are many elements to be sought still, but refused to share the details.

Quebec’s minister for youth protection has asked for an inquiry into the death of the two-year-old girl who died in the hospital after being found in a garbage can. Lucie Charlebois said that she has asked the Independent Youth and Human Rights Commission of the province to look into Rosalie Gagnon’s death and find out what services are received by her family.

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