Ministers Remind Asylum Seekers Of Illegal Entry

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale warned the asylum seekers from Nigeria that illegal entry to Canada is no free ticket to the country.

Immigration minister is planning to visit Nigeria in the next few weeks. The Federal government has already sent immigration officers to Lagos. Nigerians with visitor visas are crossing the Roxham road in Hemingford to reach the Quebec–New York border. Nigerians are using visit visas to the U.S as the ticket to reach Canada. Hence, Canada and U.S are working closely to put an end to this.

Hussen said that it is becoming clear that the Nigerians are obtaining visit visas to reach Canada and make claims for asylum seekers. According to Goodale, all the international obligations are followed for giving asylum to the asylum seekers. It is necessary for them to prove that they need help and protection in Canada. He added that getting asylum shouldn’t be a way to bypass the immigration rules and procedures of the country.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau said that more than 90 percent of asylum seekers do not fulfill the criteria to claim asylum. Quebec officials said that the influx of people in mid–April this year has tripled than that of the same time last year.

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About the Author: Joe Mollen

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