Minimum Wage Increase Not Sufficient, Says Labor Groups

Quebec has increased the minimum wages to $12 per hour from May 1st. However, labor groups are not happy with the hike. They feel that the increase is not enough and many women will still remain in poverty.

According to labor groups, the 75 cents per hour increase in wages is not sufficient to support the need of the working women. Quebec’s labor minister claims that 75-cent increase is going to help more than 353,000 workers residing in the province and most of them are female workers.

The President of the Fédération Des Femmes Du Québec, Gabrielle Bouchard, said that women are feeling the burden of low wages. She added that there are many women in different age groups for different types of jobs who receive minimum wages and they will remain at minimum wage for even after many years. Gabrielle Bouchard said that there should be at least $15 per hour as minimum wage to have a reasonable living for these women.

The largest food bank in Montreal called Moisson Montreal revealed that even people with proper jobs are not able to meet necessities like food. The women with children will find themselves in trouble as they simply can’t afford to work with minimum wage jobs. They will need extra money for transportation, daycare, etc.

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