Labor Crisis Looming Large Among Quebec Nurses

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The Quebec nurses are saying that they cannot offer the highest standards of patient care due to forced overtime and stress at work. This is a really disturbing trend and there needs to be something done in order to protect the interests of the nurses. The services of the nurses are of utmost importance to every hospital and health care center in Quebec.

President Lucie Tremblay of the Quebec Order of Nurses acknowledges the crisis that its 75,000 odd healthcare workers are going through. She said that she has received thousands of emails, calls, and posts on social media from the public and nurses for the improvement of their working conditions. She has decided to meet the Health Minister Gaetan Barrette and take up the issues that the nurses are facing.

The group also points out that 1,200 nursing students are not able to find internships as the nurses are not able to offer their training. Over and above, the Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard has signed a deal with over 10,000 Quebec doctors for an increase in their annual remuneration that will rise to $5.4 billion a year in 2023 for just $4.7 billion that is currently offered.

Dr. Isabelle Leblanc, the public President of Medecins Quebecois Pour La Regime said that they are aware of what the nurses are undergoing. They are ashamed to get pay hikes when the nurses are working in poorer conditions.

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