Ice and Sand Sculptor Lepire Dies At 70

Michel Lepire is a well-known man in Quebec. He is an ice and sand sculptor who has given life to many ice palaces during the annual carnival of Quebec City. This award-winning sculptor is no more.

Renee Claude, the daughter of Lepire, said that her father passed away after suffering a heart attack. The 70-year-old ice and sand sculptor has created plenty of ice palaces and other works during the two-week Carnival event. He was a very popular sculptor as his works did the talking at the carnival.

Renee said that her father started snow sculpting at the age of 14. He took part in the Carnaval snow sculpting contest. He worked in the hospitality sector in Quebec City. But, his passion for snow sculpting did not stop. He did it as part of the Canadian team.

It was in 1994 that he made his ice and sand sculpting passion into a life’s work. He worked hard to start a company that made ice, snow and wood sculptures. Renee said that even though the three were different mediums, he liked sculpting using all the three different mediums.

Les Internationaux De Sculpture Sur Sable De Québec is the sand sculpting competition that his company organizes every August in Quebec City.

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