Federal Government To Lease Icebreakers From Davie Shipyard

The negotiations to lease at least four icebreakers from Quebec’s shipyard Davie is all set to be initiated by the Federal Government. This news has come out at a stage when there are few concerns about the aging icebreaker fleet. The fleet has suffered mechanical problems of late. This initiation by the government has also come after it faced strong pressure from the Quebec government to give more federal work to Davie.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced this plan of leasing out four Davie icebreaker fleet during his recent Radio-Canada interview. He said that his team of coast guards will be heading for the negotiations with Davie. He looks forward to finding a solution. The Prime Minister said that the decision to lease the fleet was made by his government in the past few weeks.

He feels that the quality of labor, the ability to do the job within a budget and also on time is some of the qualities that Davie possesses. He is sure that Davie has the workers to create magnificent icebreakers that the Canadian Coast Guard needs.

Davie made a proposal of leasing icebreakers to the Canadian coast guard in April 2016. Now, Davie officials say that they were surprised to hear the announcement made by the Prime Minister.

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