46 Million Liters Of Sewage Dumped Into St. Lawrence River

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A warning was sounded to the residents of Quebec City that about 46 liters of sewage water will be let into the St. Lawrence River from Thursday night. It will be a 12-hour period work that would start at 11 pm on Thursday.

Quebec City asked its residents to be prepared for this sewage water let out. They have asked the residents to slow down the use of water during the operation.

The spokesperson of Quebec City, Wendy Whittom, said that the sewage wastewater will be let directly into the river. There is already a grid in place to retain the solids.

The Saint Pascal pumping station will be entirely drained out so that workers can carry out the maintenance works at the pumping station. The structure could be damaged if the repairs were not undertaken. This station was last emptied in November 2016.

The Quebec City has said that the timing to dump the wastewater into the river was optimal as it could not cause any impact on the environment. The current cold temperatures and dry weather have aided the waste dumping.

Whittom said that doing this waste dumping operation in one night will reduce the untreated water from ending up in St. Lawrence.

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