$12 To Be Quebec’s Minimum Wage From May

The Labor Minister of Quebec, Dominique Vien, said that the government will raise the minimum wages in Quebec to $12 an hour from May 1. This is great news for all the 352,000 salaried workers in Quebec. They will enjoy a 75-cent hike from May 1. This hike is the biggest hike in the history of Quebec.

The rise of 75 cents an hour is part of the four-year plan to make the minimum wages of workers to be equal to 50% of the provincial hourly wages by 2020. The announcement of the hike is due to the boost in Quebec’s economy.

Vien said that the quality of life of the low-income workers will increase because of the minimum wage hike. This will also drive more and more people to work hard and to boost their savings. The rate of poverty will come down after the minimum wage hike. The expected rise will see an increase between $462 and $979 for the minimum wage workers. This will depend on the number of hours worked and the situation in the family.

This minimum wage increase will make Quebec the third highest minimum wage in the country after Alberta and Ontario. The minimum wage in Ontario is $14 an hour from January 1 and will increase to $15 next year.

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About the Author: Sidney Martin

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