Wellhub Inc Launches First Crowdfunding Investment Round on the EnergyFunders Marketplace

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Wellhub is a cutting edge analytics platform to help oil and gas companies streamline operations through data integration like never before.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA – 05-17-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Wellhub, a new upstream software technology, will play a critical role for oil and gas operators by changing the way they manage, analyze, and extract data to facilitate data-driven decisions based on actual insights.  The new platform developed by Wellhub, a Houston-based tech startup, will help oil and gas operators reduce costs and increase productivity by connecting all applications, data, and devices, into a single user-friendly platform, thus removing the inefficiencies of data aggregation so common in the industry.

E&P (exploration and production) companies are currently challenged by the historically cumbersome task of quickly processing field data from multiple sources and applications producing inadequate results.  Efficient oilfield productivity is especially important in the current “lower for longer” pricing environment.  A key to oilfield productivity is streamlining data aggregation; a task once thought to be nearly impossible on a single platform given the multitude of various data points necessary for standard operations.  Wellhub’s new platform promises to solve this.

Wellhub CEO and host of the popular industry podcast, Oil & Gas This Week, Jacob Corley, announced, “We are excited to finally give our customers a complete, comprehensive, and streamlined view of their operations.  The enhancements that our platform provides will put the emphasis on decision-making, rather than data management.”

Wellhub is the first company to launch their funding on the new EnergyFunders Marketplace.  EnergyFunders is an established online crowdfunding platform dedicated to the energy sector, allowing investors direct access to energy-focused investments.

Wellhub’s crowdfunding raise officially begins on May 16, 2018 and marks a momentous event on the platform as the first project open to both accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

“This is an historic opportunity for investors and marks a continuation of the shift in the energy industry from traditional, slow fundraising and borrowing to quick, online fundraising,” says Casey Minshew, CEO of EnergyFunders.

Investors and other parties interested in Wellhub and the crowdfunding investment opportunity now open on the EnergyFunders Marketplace can learn more at https://www.energyfunders.com/wellhub.


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