Top 6 Services Provided by Press Release Distribution Industry in 2017

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LAS VEGAS, NV – 11-13-2017 (Press Release Jet) —

The press release distribution industry plays a vital role in making small businesses familiar within the community. But the question that runs on people’s mind is – which press release company provides a better ROI? To identify the best company, we have reviewed six companies and determined the ROI for each. offers a premium package at $999, which is very expensive among the other companies. This plan offers guaranteed syndication to 350 media sites, so it costs approximately $2.50 per site.

Business Wire offers the same price per site as Business Wire offers services at $499+, which syndicates to 200 media outlets.

PRWeb at $369 offers distribution service with 150 media sites. That sets their cost per site at $2.46 each.

Marketwired’s services start at $460, and offers syndication to 200 media outlets. Their price per site is $2.30 each.

Easy Newswire’s package of $129 offers coverage to 250+ media outlets and your cost is only about $0.52 per site.

Press Release Jet provides their premium package at $99 with the syndication to 400 media outlets.

Besides this information, consumers are interested in requesting a sample report from every company to see effectiveness for themselves. With no doubts, Press Release Jet provides the industry’s best price per media outlet at the low cost of $0.19 each.

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