Tarongino Wine Arrives from Spain with an All-American Twist – A Canned Wine Made with 100 Percent Organic Valencia Oranges Now Available in NYC

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NEW YORK, NY – 12-13-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Tarongino, a sparkling Spanish wine made from 100 percent organic Valencia oranges and packaged in a sleek can, is now available in New York City. 

“We are thrilled to introduce this wine in my hometown. It’s unlike any other wine out there – made entirely from oranges, and available in a way that you can enjoy it nearly anywhere,” says Dr. David Milch, Chairman of Tarongino USA.This refreshing, slightly sweet wine comes from a fifth-generation, family-run citrus orchard in Valencia, Spain. The Antelo Mancheta family has incorporated organic practices and cultivated the fruit so it contains the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from the Mediterranean coastline – the sunshine, mild temperatures and ocean breeze.Tarongino is canned for easy portability and consumption. The design of the can reflects Spain’s Mediterranean coastline with its azure seas, warm sunsets and oranges and pinks of the fruits. The cans are perfect accompaniments to happy hours, barbecues, brunches and just hanging out with friends and family. Tarongino is best served chilled – straight from the can.According to Nielsen, canned wine sales surged 43 percent from June 2017 to June 2018. Canned wine is a $28 million industry.Tarongino USA is a New York-based, privately held corporation invested in the introduction of Tarongino products into the United States. For more information, go to taronginousa.com.

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Company Name: Tarongino USA
Full Name: Liz Lotz
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Website: taronginousa.com

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