Talented singer, songwriter takes up new name as part of her rebranding process

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Mutilfaceted entertainer, Aubrie V, adopts a new name – Aubrey Itson, as she looks to rebrand herself

Aubrie V, otherwise known ARNMI, has already established herself as one of the talents to look out for in the music industry. In line with her rebranding goals as she looks to increase her reach to her fans and millions of music lovers across the globe, the songstress recently announced a name chnage, adopting Aubrey Itson as her new stage name. 

The music industry and the world of entertainment worldwide have evolved over the years as several talents worldwide use their creativity and ingenuity to treat their fans to the best of content. One music star that is looking to take over the world as she uses her melodious voice to serenade lovers of good music across tehe globe is Aubrey Itson, formerly known as Aubrie V.

Described as an “insatiable and stunning brand,” Aubrey Itson has seemingly carved a niche for herself in the industry in a relatively short while. Aubrey Itson has developed a unique followership with her increasing popularity especially for the newer generation. Her hit singles that have risen to the top of charts in different parts of the world have endeared Aubrey Itson and her unique music style to music lovers.

Some of the songs in the long list of her stunning numbers one released steadily include The Savior and I, Word Up, Wherever I Go, and Lost Boy. Aubrey Itson’s unique style that encompasses fantastic wordplay, rich lyrical content, and a sweet voice makes her the choice of music lovers worldwide.

Through her works, Aubrey Itson has been able to set herself as an inspiration for new generation with her genre of music. Her oodles of talents, combined with self-confidence and pride, makes her practically unstoppable. 

Aubrey Itson and her works can be found on different digital platforms including Apple Music, Deezer, and Spotify.

About Aubrey Itson

Aubrey Itson is a singer, songwriter that has become popular for her unique style of music. The talented singer has attracted the attention of music lovers all around the world, using her music as a channel for inspiring new generation. 

Aubrey Itson caters to the needs of every music lover with fresh and offbeat songs, and covers of already well-known numbers. She is currently enjoying immense recognition, close to super stardom, with her songs topping the music charts successfully and reigning supreme within the playlists of lots of lovers of good music.

Media Contact
Company Name: ANR Media Group
Contact Person: Aubrey Itson
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: http://aubreyitson.com/

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