Smrtdo Helps Prevent Bankruptcy in Rural Healthcare Industry

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Smrtdo Helps Prevent Bankruptcy in Rural Healthcare Industry

Coral Gables, FL – Smrtdo is a local revenue cycle management company. They help protect businesses in the rural healthcare industry from bankruptcy. The company offers medical billing services and are committed to client satisfaction. Thanks to this, local health clinics have seen significant increases in their collections.

Smrtdo recognizes the obstacles faced by rural medical providers. For one, there is a general shortage in the healthcare workforce, making it difficult to hire qualified staff. There are also socioeconomic factors at play. This leads to issues with collecting payments and insurance claims.

These issues ultimately make it difficult for rural healthcare providers to see a profit. Smrtdo seeks to combat these problems by offering professional medical billing services to smaller businesses.

Medical billing is a crucial part of any practice. Clinics and hospitals must keep up with the revenue cycles. On top of this, they need to make sure that their patients’ information is properly documented and billed. They also have to properly deal with insurance companies and follow through with claims.

Through their services, Smrtdo strives to take care of this crucial aspect of the healthcare industry. They want to ensure these services are overseen and performed by professionals with years of experience. That way, clinics can be profitable while offering the best care possible to their patients.  

Smrtdo prides itself on its approach to working with small businesses. According to its website,, the company prefers to refer to its clients as “partners.” They establish this equal business relationship from the start. They will work with their partners toward a common goal. They also share “responsibilities, resources, and rewards,” and only request payment once increases are seen.

Smaller healthcare businesses are becoming combined with larger providers. Smrtdo’s unique approach is crucial to collection increases. The company commits itself to carefully looking at insurance claims to ensure the maximum compensation. They will thoroughly vet claims to produce a 95% first-pass resolution rate. All of these services are performed with their partners’ goals in mind.

The company is committed to helping healthcare providers thrive. In addition, Smrtdo’s services also benefit patients who are reliant on smaller health clinics. Increased productivity and efficiency mean rural residents receive much better healthcare. Smrtdo’s passion for the healthcare industry extends beyond just healthcare providers and to the community itself.       

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