Port It Global to Bring Innovative Fintech Solution to Corporate Clients and the Under-Banked in Latin America and Africa

Financial exclusion elimination in Latin America and Africa is the focus of Port It Global.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – 12-07-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Most companies doing business in Latin America and Africa require customers to either have a credit card to pay for services or to pay cash in full. For many people in these regions those two options are not feasible at all. This creates a large class of people that are financially excluded from certain services or denied access to certain products. Port It Global Inc. aims to dissolve this financial exclusion via their innovative Fintech solution. Going live in the first quarter of 2018, Port It Global’s solution will offer end-to-end personalized financial services.

According to Founder and CEO Andrew Kossowski, “Financial inclusion for everyone is fundamental to our mission. Our Fintech service delivery core must be innovative, efficient, and resourceful; finding ways to do more with less; consolidate while being technically disruptive; and simplify while reengineering the status quo in the Financial Services space.”

Port It Global designed its turnkey alternative payment offer to avoid cannibalizing of current or ongoing sales by its corporate clients and commonly sees that over 50% of individuals are unable to purchase from them due to a lack of banking history or credit card. Larger as well as small/medium companies thirst to successfully work with this over two billion excluded clientele. Port It Global’s solution also includes a proven data science-based algorithm that quickly, effectively and remotely evaluates online behavior on mobile devices.

Port It Global recently completed beta testing of its mobile application throughout nine countries across Latin America, Africa, and South Asia. The service model will support a trilateral relationship, which includes Port It Global, a Seller of Record, and a local Consumer. Port it Global will be able to transact business via brick-and-mortar facilities, e-commerce, call centers, as well as sales via mobile devices.  

According to Port It Global President Dan Mikesell, “We created a scalable business model of teaming with corporations to have them refer their under-banked clients to use Port It Global as a financial option to purchase services and products.  While there are many ways to remedy the global problem of financial exclusion, we believe an impactful and sustainable way is to engage the un-banked at the point of purchase.”

Port It Global’s initial offer will cover several Latin American countries with a pan Latin America rollout planned before the end of Q4’18. Additional launches in multiple African markets are scheduled shortly thereafter.

To learn more about Port It Global Inc.’s innovative product please visit their website.

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Website: http://www.portitglobal.com

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