Omar Sedky Delivers Heavy Lyricism With Hip-Hop Single ‘All Night’

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United States – 07-23-2019 ( — Omar Sedky is an Austrian rap artist, producer, and songwriter. He grew up in the quiet town of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg, Austria. Though an unusual place for a rapper to be from Omar Sedky was still Influenced by tons of American rappers. At the young age of 5, he was already making music specializing in percussive instruments and then the guitar. In 2012/13 Omar started to produce music such as EDM, DnB, Dubstep, Trap, HipHop, RnB, Wave, and others. In 2016/17 he settled down to hip-hop/R&B. At the beginning of 2018, Omar built a studio in his basement with everything paid by reselling clothes. As his biggest influences, he cites Kanye West and Travis Scott, which can be heard in everything from his use of auto-tune and melodic vocals to the electric and experimental beats. Another big influence on Omar Sedky’s sound is a good friend and producer BLVEBIRD who has been the main producer on most of his songs. The production usually features trap drums and experimental sounds as well as vocal samples. Growing up together, these two have developed a very strong bond which can be felt both in their music and outside. In December 2018 Omar released his first EP ‘Parental Advisory’. In 2019 Omar Sedky signed to the New York-based Entertainment company Devamag. In the same year, Omar Sedky has been selected and featured, by the organization Union of Excellence as the youngest entertainment industry member under the section international emerging artists. Omar Sedky delivers music that talks about real life, love, and friends rather than politics and protest. Through this single, and his overall music repertoire, Omar is creating a time capsule.

About The Single
Up-and-coming Austrian artist Omar Sedky returns with an upbeat hip-hop single ‘All Night’. The single features an uplifting production, driving beat, catchy melody, and an anthemic vocal performance by Omar Sedky. The single starts off with a driving bassline that resonates throughout the entirety of the track. The arrangement of ‘All Night’ is unique and different from that of other commercial hip-hop productions. The single’s lyricism delivers a personal perspective of an unfortunate experience Omar lived through. This song about a messy breakup turns into a story-telling journey that will leave an impact on the listeners. The memorable melody, with the driving
bassline, gives Omar Sedky’s voice another level of energy. ‘All Night’ has the ability to resonate with any hip-hop aficionado as it has every element to be impactful and memorable.
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Company Name: Devamag, Inc.
Full Name: Deivis H. Valdes
Phone: +436648711267
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