New York-Based Startup Zwuits is Launching Chemical-Free Vegetable Tanned Leather

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United States – 08-07-2019 ( — Zwuits has a Simple Aim to Use Chemical-Free, Environment-Friendly Material to Produce their Leather Goods. They are also making Sure that the Leather Used is By-product of Human Consumption of Meat and No Animals are Further Harmed Just for Leather. 

Zwuits Inc. announced that, since its inception, the company is working hard to introduce chemical-free vegetable-tanned leather in the USA market. The company is focusing on avoiding harmful chemicals such as Chromium, Lead, and Azo-dyes in their tanning process. Instead, the tanning process includes a natural tannin (Tree Bark Extract). All of their products are Chemical-free, Organically Sourced, and Waterproof. “We are bringing the leather from Bangladesh, which is a production home of many large brands in the USA. The country has half the population of the whole USA and around the same size as New York state. The vast majority of people in Bangladesh consume beef, and the country has a waste issue. Our leather is a by-product of human consumption, and we don’t harm animals just for their skins. In a way, we are helping them to keep the process cleaner and bringing something that is naturally treated, and does not harm the environment,” Said Habib Ferdous founder of Zwuits Inc. while talking about the source of the leather. Zwuits Inc. is a firm believer of employee welfare or treating the employees like family. They provide many unheard-of benefits to their employees like,1. Sponsor Education Cost for One Female Child of the family2. Free on the job training3. Health Care Compensation4. Risk Compensation5. Meal During Work Hours“Many large corporations from the USA manufacture their products from Bangladesh, but very few provide the benefits and basic needs to employees, which is evident; and as a result, the huge leather industry is suffering,” Said the owner of Zwuits Inc. Habib Ferdous. “People think if we are doing all this how we can make a profit and operate the business? However, honestly, it does not require much to give all these benefits to the workers. We don’t want to wait until the accident happens; instead, we are paying a fixed amount as Health and Risk Compensation every month on top of the salary, so they can have something extra every month and feel safe to work for us.” “We are encouraging the education of female children of our workers; at this moment we can sponsor the education of only one child in the future if everything goes according to plan this number will increase,” Said Md Khayruzzaman co-founder of Zwuitsbd (Leather supplier and Manufacturer of Zwuits Inc). “Our goal is to provide something that is missing in our time before thinking about profit; we want to offer full support to our employees, make them feel valued and start an industry practice which should have happened a long time ago” He added.“We have a tremendous plan for our workers that includes establishing a daycare center for our workers’ kids, establish a primary school, and bear the childbirth hospital cost for our workers,” Said P.M. Ruhul Amin co-founder of Zwuitsbd. “We are glad that we partnered with Zwuits Inc., who is not only supporting us but is in sync with our plans to make meaningful contributions to our leather industry,” He explained.Zwuits Inc. will be launching their versatile leather bag in Kickstarter in October 2019. It will be a month-long campaign. The material of the bag is full-grain, high-quality premium leather, and on top of that, it is chemical-free and waterproof. Get Updates and news about all the future products. Zwuits Inc. will offer discounts to early adopters that will be only available during the campaign before the products hit the retail.

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