Male Survivors of Sexual Violence Find a Voice in Groundbreaking Documentary

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DES MOINES, IOWA – 08/24/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Sexual violence is a pervasive issue and often times male survivors are not given voice in the conversation. The internationally recognized documentary, “The Voiceless” features the stories of five [male] survivors of sexual violence. The unique film discusses masculinity, culture, consent, internationality and the impact sexual violence has on men. The diverse voices heard in the film debunk the myth that men cannot be sexually violated. Their message has the power to change the conversation about male victimization.

The film was Directed and Produced by Vanessa McNeal and PLVTO Productions from Iowa. Since its release, the documentary has attracted international recognition by organizations, colleges, and communities worldwide. Harvard, UCONN, Kansas State, Idaho State and Cardiff (United Kingdom) are among the universities that are currently screening the film. The US Army Sharp program and state coalitions in Texas, Oregon, Utah, Minnesota, and U.S Virgin Islands are also screening the film. “The Voiceless” was accepted into the Newark International Film Festival and has received awards at the IndieFest.

The official release for the film was April 2017. Vanessa is hoping to create further impact through your platform.

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