Kyntronics EHA Eliminates Traditional Hydraulic Infrastructure With a Compact, Self-Contained Solution

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OEMs Can Cut Traditional Hydraulic Technology Cost In Half With An All-In-One Actuator For Diverse Applications.

OHIO, USA – 12/06/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Kyntronics introduced an all-in-one Electro Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) that can be adapted to meet OEMs’ requirements in a range of industries and applications. The compact, self-contained package offers high, efficient force and power on-demand. It delivers precision motion control with simple controls, along with programmable software for setup and installation.

“We developed the Kyntronics EHA to provide a solution for OEMs that need a higher-force actuator contained in a small working envelope and a demand for more precision control for higher-force applications,” says Carl Richter, vice president of Kyntronics, a motion control and actuator specialist. “We’re responding to the demands of OEMs that, across the board, are seeking greater energy efficiency, simple integration and cost-effective package solutions.”

Kyntronics EHA’s fully self-contained design means there’s no external hoses, pumps or components that can increase the probability of fluid escape and stall efficiency. Less is more: The simplified, contained construction can stand up to rugged conditions and is appropriate for clean environments. 

“The EHA is ideal for many diverse markets and applications,” Richter says. Industries benefiting from the Kyntronics EHA include OEMs making equipment for medical imaging, the military, metal fabrication, energy and mobile. Additionally, the all-in-one EHA can be adapted to meet a range of requirements. “Out-of-box solutions are restricting, which is why we offer a range of modular actuation ‘building blocks’ developed by our team of engineers so you can adapt an actuation product or entire system to your specifications,” Richter says. 

With trends in automation focused on increasing productivity, solutions like Kyntronics EHA address demands for less maintenance, higher efficiency, advanced connectivity, lower weight and a more compact package. EHA is an emerging technology, and the availability of a compact solution addresses the challenges OEMs face today. “The Kyntronics EHA costs up to 50% less than traditional hydraulic solutions because we eliminate the hose, central pump and other infrastructure that adds to complexity and cost,” Richter says. “OEMs can measure the difference with the Kyntronics EHA.”

About Kyntronics

Kyntronics motion control experts have extensive experience in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets. An in-house team of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineers bring deep experience to the table to solve challenging actuation application problems. Learn more at or call 855.596.8765 for more information. 

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Kyntronics self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator eliminates external hoses, pumps and other hydraulic infrastructure components, saving OEMs up to 50% compared to traditional hydraulic solutions. Learn more at or call 855.596.8765 for more information. 

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