Gold Coast Refining rebrands as GC Lipids

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CHATTANOOGA, TN – 02-12-2019 ( — Gold Coast Refining has adopted a new name—GC Lipids, LLC—in order to communicate the company’s mission and products more effectively. “The change in name reflects our focus on the growing demand for high-quality, affordable specialty fats and oils in the feed, food, and industrial markets,” says Mark Mauss, President of GC Lipids.GC Lipids offers a range of products and services, including nutritional lipids, encapsulated nutrients, waxes, hydrogenated fats, vegetable oil refining and toll manufacturing. GC Lipids offers alternatives to petroleum products for industrial applications.


In response to customer requests for purity and precision, GC Lipids has spent the last few years developing its manufacturing capabilities and its safety and quality programs. The company will soon be registered as a kosher, non-GMO and organic processor. The company is pursuing safety certification through the Global Food Safety Initiative. 


GC Lipids is a joint venture of Gold Coast Commodities in Brandon, MS, and LUTROS, LLC in Chattanooga, TN. Gold Coast Commodities has been serving the feed and industrial fat and oil markets for 35 years. LUTROS, LLC, an engineering and technology-licensing company, has served the feed, specialty chemical and biodiesel industries with innovative and patented process solutions for 12 years.


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