Delta Air Conditioning Now Offering Energy Efficient Options in Berkshire

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Delta Air Conditioning Now Offering Energy Efficient Options in Berkshire

Berkshire, UK – Delta Air Conditioning in Berkshire is now offering air conditioners and heat pumps that have increased energy efficiency. As noted on their website,, the company has invested in products that feature special inverter systems. Inverter systems are 30% more efficient than products with standard systems. By offering products with these systems, Delta hopes to support more businesses with “green” initiatives that lower their carbon footprint and their energy bills.

Delta is dedicated to providing its clients with the top-quality air conditioning and heating options. They understand that air conditioning in Berkshire is essential. There are six different brands available for clients to choose from. These leading air conditioning brands include Daikin, LG, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Panasonic. All these manufacturers specialise in the energy efficient inverter systems to keep businesses “green.”

Delta aims to cater to the multiple different needs of their clients. Different rooms and buildings have varying needs, and the range of products available ensures that each client’s needs are met. Products include portable units, wall units, split systems, central systems, and ducted systems. In initial consultations, Delta helps clients to determine which unit or system will work best for their space.

For clients who do not know how to set up their own air conditioning in Berkshire, Delta also offers complete installation included in all quotes. While the company encourages the use of energy efficient inverted systems, they can install and provide maintenance on any manufacturer a/c unit. Their employees are dedicated to providing clients with quality solutions, affordable prices, and great service.

This dedication is reflected in their long list of present and past customers, including major companies British Airways, Midland Bank, and Herefordshire County Council. Delta specialises in providing air conditioning for large offices, restaurants, and centres. Their employees are experts on many different systems and understand how important their products are for businesses, staff, and customers.

Delta is always looking for and happy to welcome to new clients as they expand and grow their company. They encourage businesses that are looking for energy efficient heating and air conditioning in Berkshire and the surrounding areas to contact them. This company continually expresses interest in working with offices that share their “green” mindset and want to improve their business in the process.

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