Cozumel has recently been named the safest Beach in Mexico after an independent RCN study was conducted.

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Cozumel – A Beautiful and Safe Island Paradise Waiting To Be Explored

COZUMEL MEXICO – 04-16-2018 (Press Release Jet) — How Safe is Cozumel? Safest Place in Mexico, and by a long shot too!

Normally, when inquiries are made about how safe a certain place is, it almost never is. If you’ve been fortunate enough to travel around the world then you will find that nothing compares to the beaches of Cozumel Mexico. 

What immediately becomes clear when you visit a country you only hear about on television are the exaggerated differences. I’m the kind of person who used to imagine Africa as a wild jungle, so you can understand how much of a shock it was to see Cozumel differently. Naive you might say, but we see the world through the often biased lens of mainstream media, and there are people out there who, to this day, think exactly that. So how safe is Cozumel? To be deadpan honest, I’d bet my life on it being the safest place in Mexico! 


An island municipality forming part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cozumel is actually an Island with a budding population of over 100 000 people. So any geographic association with mainland Mexico is simply on paper and, as a result, tainted with bias. In fact, if you were sneaked into the island from mainstream Mexico you’d probably think you were somewhere else, perhaps halfway across the world. That’s the enchanting nature of Cozumel, so full of surprises. 




Tropical Savannah climate with a short dry season. Temperatures are generally stable with a mean monthly high temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. So it’s a conducive holiday destination throughout the year for those who often struggle to time their work leave days with their destination of choice.


A Tourism Based Economy


Its economy is largely based on tourism, something that is apparent from the countless number of cruise ships that dock there on a regular basis. That said, you’ll be spoiled for choices as far as adventure, leisure and entertainment are concerned. Be prepared for the flood of adrenaline from:


* Windsurfing. A Local favorite pastime activity that draws visitors from as far afield as Japan.

* Paddle-boarding. 

* Scuba diving. 

* Biking ($0 miles along the beachfront)

* Night running is a very popular pastime activity. At first it’s a bit unusual to see people walking or running alone. But with time, you’ll slowly realise that they do so because they feel safe.

* Snorkeling

* Host to the 2010 Iron Man competition.

* Annual Carnivals, the most popular being the Santa Cruz and Cozumel cultural Festivals and the El Cedral Fair. 


Relocate with ease


Love at first sight often transforms into an irresistible temptation to relocate permanently for many adventure seekers who land on the doorstep of Cozumel by chance. You stumble upon expats who -without any money- started from almost scratch to make a decent living. For evidence of this, the expat population is hard to miss, all testament to the fact that if a foreigner can make a home of Cozumel, then anyone else can.

Watch this video on Facebook about Cozumel’s Safety and Beautiful features as well Journey Around the Globes write up on the beautiful beach and resort town. 

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