Cornerstone Support Navigates Licensing Regulations for Debt Collectors

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Licensing mishaps can help consumers avoid payment

ROSWELL, GA – 12-08-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Not being properly licensed in each state can lead debt collectors, debt buyers, mortgage servicers, mortgage originators and attorneys into legal trouble. It can also give consumers wriggle room to get out of paying a debt.

Cornerstone Support Inc. helps debt collectors, debt buyers, mortgage servicers, mortgage originators and attorneys comply with each state’s licensing requirements so that they can complete the job they are contracted to do.

Each state has the right to enact its own set of collection laws and the requirements vary by state. Some states give exemptions from licensing requirements to out-of-state collection agencies and debt buyers, as well as collection law firms, but that’s not the case in every state.

The Better Business Bureau and numerous media outlets tell consumers contacted about a debt to make sure that the company collecting the debt is licensed to do business within their state. Collection agencies have been sued for attempting to collect debts in states in which they are not properly licensed. 

Cornerstone Support provides licensing services for debt collectors, debt buyers, mortgage servicers, mortgage originators and attorneys.  Its dedicated team is committed to ensuring a successful future for businesses by making sure they are properly licensed and bonded. The company has a twenty year history of ensuring collection agencies, debt buyers and attorneys work in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Cornerstone Support is the premier state licensing and insurance provider in the industry, having partnered with thousands of agencies. The company’s representatives are eager to talk to those in the industry about how Cornerstone can develop and implement a successful risk management strategy for their business.

Outsourcing licensing, compliance, and commercial insurance allows agencies to devote their valuable energy and resources to more important things, like running their business. 

“Agencies seeking nationwide compliance can run into what seems like a gauntlet of regulations,” said Paul McCranie, Cornerstone Support’s founder and president. “We help debt collectors maneuver through that gauntlet so that they can stay in compliance and collect the money owed.”

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