21 Days to a Happier, Stronger Marriage

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United States – 07-23-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — 21-day #Bettertogether Marriage Challenge

Florida Couple Changes Marriages, 21 Days At A Time


Summer, 2019 (Florida).  Every summer, you mentally allocate time for working: Working on the garden, working on you abs, working on your tan. Why not budget a few minutes to work on something that will last a lifetime – your Marriage?


Florida natives Blair and Ryan Critch, founders of Marriage Movement/#bettertogether, have created a system that is fun, free, and best of all, effective.  Sign up and you’ll get 21 daily “challenges” that will help you re-discover the reasons you chose your spouse and deepen your ties of love, respect and understanding. Here’s an example of a few “challenges”:


  • #16: Blast from the past: Find a song that will take your spouse back to when you first met, play that song, and share both the song – and your spouse’s reaction – on social media.


  • #13: Serve your spouse: What’s one thing your spouse normally does that you can take off their plate?


  • #18: Stop and Hug:Hug your spouse 5 times today, for at least 20 seconds each time. If the hug leads to something else … hey, that’s a bonus!


  • #8: Couples who play together, stay together.  Take 33 minutes tonight to play a game together – phones away, please! – then share the experience with the Marriage Movement Facebook group.


Together for nearly 20 years, the Critch’s marriage has weathered heavy storms including gambling, miscarriage, bankruptcy and alcoholism.  Learning from therapy, books, and years of listening to others, they overcame their obstacles and rebuilt their union.  “Once we put the same energy into our marriage that we did into things like solving problems and raising our teenage sons, both of our businesses took off like rockets,” explains Blair, who has made over a million dollars in network marketing.  “That’s when we truly understood the power of “Better Together” and realized that our dream was to share our techniques with others,” adds Ryan, who runs a successful real estate business.

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