Travelers Can Now Travel on Niche Tours that Combine Passion with Vacation

Niche Tours

Charming Travel Destinations offers Niche Tours

These tours are unique because it combines trying new things with doing what the travelers’ love doing,


Charming Travel Destinations, a travel company operating since 1987, recently launched its Niche Tours. The tours allow travelers to go on tours that are tailored towards their specific interests such as culinary, wellness and more.

In today’s highly competitive field, niche products are one of the top trends among consumers. As niche products are generally made for smaller interest groups rather than the general public, consumers can find higher satisfaction and uniqueness within the products.

Some of the niche tours that include culinary, bicycling, wellness, adventure, hands-on experience and photography tours take place in the best destinations like Thailand, Japan and Peru. Product Development Manager Alexa Ling explains that the company’s new tours will significantly improve the traveling experience.

“Whether it is the guide, location or activity, every part of the niche tour is specifically made to fulfill the traveler's interest. We have made these tours to not only satisfy those needs but also create unforgettable memories. These tours are unique because it combines trying new things with doing what the travelers’ love doing,” says Ling.

Niche tours does not mean tourists will be missing out on the major attractions. The tours also include some major attractions so that visitors can practice their interests and fully experience the country. For example, the Peru Foodie and Photography tours also include a trip to Machu Picchu and the Japan cultural experience tour includes a visit to Mt. Fuji.

The company released the tours in response to the growing demand of travelers seeking new and different tours that stand out from the typical guided sight-seeing tours. Millennial Traveler Ana Barraza states that tourists today, especially millennials, are seeking more than the normal tours.

“Now, traveling is more about being actively involved in the destinations rather than sightseeing. Niche tours offer the active experiences travelers desire to form a new perspective and deep relationship with their destination and passion,” says Barraza.

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