Quebec Controls Use Of Pesticides To Protect Honeybees

Quebec wants to control the use of certain pesticides by farmers, which are harmful to honeybees. The farmers now need to get permission to use certain pesticides from licensed agronomist.

The lists of pesticides which are under restriction are 3 types of neonicotinoids, atrazine, and chlorpyrifos. These pesticides were banned a decade ago in Europe.

Neonicotinoids are pesticides with nicotine base which are used in the fields and orchards. They are used to keep away the insect pests such as spider mites, aphids, stink bugs, etc.

Isabelle Melançon the Sustainable Development Minister of The State made the announcement regarding. According to the minister, this measure will be beneficial to the environment as well as the farmers.

Environmental protection groups such as David Suzuki Foundation and Equiterre were demanding for stricter controls for the use of pesticides. Some farmers feel that this restriction will cause loss of the crop yields.

Montreal and Ontario have already banned neonicotinoids to prevent bee deaths. Studies have proven that the use of pesticides is declining the insect population, especially bees.

Researchers are of opinion that some pesticides can affect the growth, movement, and reproduction of invertebrates. Honeybees are useful insects as they help in the pollination of plants. The loss of these insects can lead to the reduction in the food supply in the world.

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About the Author: Joel Snyder