Govt Seeks Meals Supply For Asylum Seekers

The Canadian Government is expecting a fresh influx of people illegally crossing the border in Lacolle, Quebec. The government made a call for the supply of meals for the asylum seekers on Monday.

The contract for the supply of snacks will be issued within a few weeks. The contract will be for at least 12 months. This move will make sure that people who get detained for illegal crossing will receive food and drink till their entry get processed by the Border Service Agency of the country.

The asylum seekers wait can go over 24 hours depending on the influx of the people. Last year, RCMP intercepted 18, 836 people in Quebec town.

CBSA officers will hand out the food to the needy in recyclable containers. The food packet will contain milk, juices, chicken and egg sandwiches for lunch and vegetable and chicken sandwiches for dinner and granola bars.

According to spending estimate tabled by the government in the House of Commons, the immigration department will get extra $10.4 million in grants to address the illegal migration at the border and the health program concerns resulting from migration.

The Canada Public Safety Office informed that they are committed to protecting the safety of the public. They will also continue to manage illegal migrants at Lacolle in a professional and orderly manner.

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