Facebook Has Decided To Down Rank The Spam Posts Asking You To Tag Your Friends

Facebook, a known social networking site in the world has recently decided to punish the spammy posts via some of the viral publishers asking you again and again to tag a friend... Read more »

Autism Researchers To Share Common Platform In Quebec

Medication for treating ASD is still not developed even though it is one of the fastest growing developmental conditions in Canada that affects 1 in every 68 children. To bring in all... Read more »

Halifax Weather Man Finds Live Scorpion In Bananas

A Nova Scotia weather man was surprised by a recent visit to a Costco  in Halifax. In unpacking after a visit to the grocery store, Nathan Coleman, who works for The Weather... Read more »

Exceptional Raspberry Harvest Throughout The Province

The start of the summer with record setting amounts of rain and cooler temperatures may have spoiled some peoples holiday plan, but has mad raspberry growers grin from ear-to-ear. “We have volume,... Read more »

Better Diagnosis of Schizophrenia with Artificial Intelligence

IBM scientists published a study in collaboration with the University of Alberta on the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms to better detect cases of schizophrenia, a rare disease still diagnosed from... Read more »