What’s In Store For Quebecers In The Pre-Election Budget?

The elections in Quebec are just six months away. Hence, the Couillard government will be looking to come out with a budget that will please the masses. The government will be expecting... Read more »

Quebec Superior Court Orders Investigate Journalist To Disclose Her News Informer

The Quebec Superior Court has asked Radio Canada’s investigative reporter Marie-Maude Denis to reveal the name of the person who had leaked information to her. This was a ruling handed down by... Read more »

Woman Charged For Transporting People To The US Through Canadian Border

It is alarming to see that over 90% of the illegal border crossings in and out of Canada have taken place through the Quebec border. This time around a North Carolina woman... Read more »

Ethnic Nationalism Is Trending In Quebec Politics

Carlos Leitão of the Liberals opened a can of worms when he said that the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) that is, a set ahead of the Liberals in the elections is involved... Read more »

Quebec Needs To Hire More Doctors For Quality Healthcare

There are many problems in the health care system of the Quebec Government and the opposition parties are attacking them for the lack of commitment towards health care. There are not enough... Read more »

Quebec Seeing A Very Strong End To Skiing Season

The start of the skiing season in Quebec was not that good. It faced rough weather during the Christmas time. The skiing fortunes improved gradually and it looks like the March break... Read more »

Quebec Finds Saving Woodland Caribou Is A Costly Affair

  There is hardly very few woodland caribou is left in Quebec. The government has said that saving the herd of the endangered caribou that is left in Quebec is becoming too... Read more »

Quebec Government To Invest $11 Million For The Homeless

The Quebec government announced $11 million boost for housing the homeless and other related services. Lucie Charlebois, the public Health Minister made the announcement on Tuesday. The money allotted will be used... Read more »

Public Sector Pay Equity Discussion Might Take Shape In Quebec

The pay equity was an issue that thousands of Quebec women workers were crying for in the Quebec public sector. They have been vouching for the same since 2010. The case has... Read more »

Labor Crisis Looming Large Among Quebec Nurses

The Quebec nurses are saying that they cannot offer the highest standards of patient care due to forced overtime and stress at work. This is a really disturbing trend and there needs... Read more »