46 Million Liters Of Sewage Dumped Into St. Lawrence River

A warning was sounded to the residents of Quebec City that about 46 liters of sewage water will be let into the St. Lawrence River from Thursday night. It will be a... Read more »

Wildlife Agents Asks For Workplace Hazard Status For Lyme Disease

The wildlife protection agents in Quebec are forcing the government to consider declaring Lyme disease as an occupational hazard. According to the agents, the current rules do not give them the protection.... Read more »

Anti Corruption Unit Gets Broader Powers

The National Assembly of Quebec adopted liberal government’s bill 107. This bill gives more powers to the anti-corruption unit of the state (UPAC). The bill was passed on Wednesday with 61 votes... Read more »

High Expectations On Quebec Athletes At The 2018 Winter Olympics

The Canadian athletes are determined to show the world their prowess on snow and ice at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The 50 odd Quebec athletes out of the... Read more »

Quebec Politicians Gearing Up For October Election

The last legislative session before the October elections in Quebec is going to be a super thrilling one. All the political parties will be looking to raise their voices and concerns in... Read more »

Saving Lives Is The Main Aim Of Quebec Suicide Prevention Week

The lives of the people are very precious and suicide is not the solution to one’s problems. Those who are thinking that suicide is the best way to get rid of their... Read more »

Poll Leader Francois Reaches Out To Anglos

The Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader François Legault extended his hand for the support of the Anglos in his province. He was talking to his radio audience last Thursday and most of them... Read more »

$12 To Be Quebec’s Minimum Wage From May

The Labor Minister of Quebec, Dominique Vien, said that the government will raise the minimum wages in Quebec to $12 an hour from May 1. This is great news for all the... Read more »

Federal Government To Lease Icebreakers From Davie Shipyard

The negotiations to lease at least four icebreakers from Quebec’s shipyard Davie is all set to be initiated by the Federal Government. This news has come out at a stage when there... Read more »

Anglos to Fight Against CAQ’s School Board Abolition Plan

The Anglos in Quebec has decided to take the bull by the horns. They are all set to take the Coalition Avenir Québec plan of abolishing the school boards in Quebec to... Read more »