Flood Victims Of Quebec Getting Impatient As Anniversary Approaches

It is going to be one year since the massive Quebec floods destroyed many homes. Even now, 77 of the flood victims are seeking shelter provided by the Red Cross. The Red... Read more »

Quebec To See Snow, Rain And Winds: Environment Canada

There is a major storm that will be hitting the Quebec province on Tuesday night that will continue on Wednesday as well. The snow plows will soon be out on the roads... Read more »

Woman Charged For Transporting People To The US Through Canadian Border

It is alarming to see that over 90% of the illegal border crossings in and out of Canada have taken place through the Quebec border. This time around a North Carolina woman... Read more »

Quebec Needs To Hire More Doctors For Quality Healthcare

There are many problems in the health care system of the Quebec Government and the opposition parties are attacking them for the lack of commitment towards health care. There are not enough... Read more »

Quebec Government To Invest $11 Million For The Homeless

The Quebec government announced $11 million boost for housing the homeless and other related services. Lucie Charlebois, the public Health Minister made the announcement on Tuesday. The money allotted will be used... Read more »

Health Canada To Review Regulations On Sugary Drinks

Quebec has urged Health Canada to review its regulations on alcoholic beverages containing sugar. The Quebec public health minister said that the move was followed by the death of a teenager after... Read more »

Labor Crisis Looming Large Among Quebec Nurses

The Quebec nurses are saying that they cannot offer the highest standards of patient care due to forced overtime and stress at work. This is a really disturbing trend and there needs... Read more »

46 Million Liters Of Sewage Dumped Into St. Lawrence River

A warning was sounded to the residents of Quebec City that about 46 liters of sewage water will be let into the St. Lawrence River from Thursday night. It will be a... Read more »

Quebec Controls Use Of Pesticides To Protect Honeybees

Quebec wants to control the use of certain pesticides by farmers, which are harmful to honeybees. The farmers now need to get permission to use certain pesticides from licensed agronomist. The lists... Read more »

Govt Seeks Meals Supply For Asylum Seekers

The Canadian Government is expecting a fresh influx of people illegally crossing the border in Lacolle, Quebec. The government made a call for the supply of meals for the asylum seekers on... Read more »