Minimum Wage Increase Not Sufficient, Says Labor Groups

Quebec has increased the minimum wages to $12 per hour from May 1st. However, labor groups are not happy with the hike. They feel that the increase is not enough and many... Read more »

New Brunswick Government Cancels Snow Plow Manufacturing Deal

The New Brunswick Government announced that they have canceled the contract with Quebec Company for manufacturing snow plow. Roger Melanson, the transport minister, made the announcement of the cancellation of contract on... Read more »

Walmart Ends Support For Quebec Training Program

Walmart has withdrawn its support for the training program for people with intellectual disability. Walmart announced that they will no longer give on the job training to people with disabilities in Quebec... Read more »

Quebec Superior Court Orders Investigate Journalist To Disclose Her News Informer

The Quebec Superior Court has asked Radio Canada’s investigative reporter Marie-Maude Denis to reveal the name of the person who had leaked information to her. This was a ruling handed down by... Read more »

Trudeau Says He Had The Aluminum Workers On His Back

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that he had called up US President Donald Trump on behalf of his aluminum and steel workers. The Trump government had earlier announced duties... Read more »

Health Canada To Review Regulations On Sugary Drinks

Quebec has urged Health Canada to review its regulations on alcoholic beverages containing sugar. The Quebec public health minister said that the move was followed by the death of a teenager after... Read more »

Public Sector Pay Equity Discussion Might Take Shape In Quebec

The pay equity was an issue that thousands of Quebec women workers were crying for in the Quebec public sector. They have been vouching for the same since 2010. The case has... Read more »

Labor Crisis Looming Large Among Quebec Nurses

The Quebec nurses are saying that they cannot offer the highest standards of patient care due to forced overtime and stress at work. This is a really disturbing trend and there needs... Read more »

Quebec Should Insist On Basic Safety Standards From Ride Sharing Firms

A fatal 2016 crash on Highway 40 between Ottawa and Montreal has made everyone talk about the need to make the ride-sharing services to adhere to basic safety requirements. This accident claimed... Read more »

Poll Leader Francois Reaches Out To Anglos

The Coalition Avenir Quebec Leader François Legault extended his hand for the support of the Anglos in his province. He was talking to his radio audience last Thursday and most of them... Read more »